Our Specialty

We specialize in building very high-performance engines for custom cars, trucks and marine applications. These are complete, ready to bolt in engines, built to either your or our specifications depending upon what you want. All of our engines are tested on our engine dyno. It doesn’t leave the shop until it is as perfect as we can make it.

Our shop is clean, very, very clean.

You should come and see it. 

We will soon get a video posted online with a walk-through so that you can see what we are talking about when we say clean. 

This is Shane’s dream, something that he worked for years to get, a shop where he can build them the way he wants to build them, to his exacting specifications. He knows what he is doing. Do not expect him to be an easy pushover. Treat him right and he will absolutely take good care of you. Listen to what he says. Don’t try to bullshit him. He won’t play. If you want to play games, go somewhere else.